The selection process.

So I’m going through my current photo selections for the fashion editorial portfolio. As I’m working to narrow the

Fashion Portfolio

Spending this Saturday morning reviewing my current fashion portfolio selections with an editorial eye. These are my observati

Halloween Campaign

So, here’s where I’m at currently; my current plan is to shoot fashion work for Foxblood. I’m going to start

Fashion Editorials

This morning I realized how much I really want to have access to a lot of subjects to shoot. After I decided to stop doing pai

Shooting Strangers, Day 1

So I decided to go out during lunch and take a shot at doing some portraits of strangers on the street today. First, I did som

Risqué Portrait Business

So I’ve been thinking through my options for making some extra money to meet some of our financial goals. I’ve con

Modus Operandi – Locations

This morning (it’s Labor Day) I’m updating my locations gallery and changing up my MO a bit. Decided to abandon th

Fantasy Meets Street

I recently realized I was really missing the magical visual elements of my fantasy portrait work, so now I’m experimenting w

Portrait Diptychs

Inspo from Brian Ziff, currently a favorite photographer of mine. Putting these two side-by-side turned on a light bulb; I can

Selections and moodboards

Made some good progress on the selections for the book this weekend. Doing this book, thinking about the finality of the decis

Downtown Photo Walk

Did a quick photo walk around the neighborhood tonight, which I haven’t done for a while.

Making Selections

For me, the editorial selection process is probably the most challenging part of photography. I currently have around 65 photo

Work Blog

In an effort to bring some accountability into my creative life, I thought I’d start a work blog. My plan is to put down