Current Moodboard

Doing a reset today, shaking the etch-a-sketch. I put together a quick new moodboard of stuff that is resonating with me right

Vanessa Shoot

Hotel shoot at the Audemar. Maybe some street shots around the hotel Shoot all over inside the hotel; entrance, lobby, bar, ha

Eros Arcana

Been knocking this idea around a little bit lately. I’m imagining making a book, the same concept as before – an under

Street Portraits | The new season

I recently finished final selections on the True session (back in January ’23). I ordered a set of digital prints of the

Night Portraits

CONCEPT NOTES What do I love about these shots, what do I want to create? Before jumping into this list of ideas, I think it w

STREET PORTRAITS portfolio update

Same day and time as my last post about art nudes. I just opened up my STREET PORTRAITS portfolio and realizing how much more


Notes on my work shooting portraits of the city.

Beautiful Strangers

My thoughts on this concept for a photo book project.

Street Portrait Collab Shoots

I’d like to start doing a lot more portrait shoots a lot more often, so I’ve started this new collab campaign to f


Ideas for some emotive portraits.

Craft Versus Creativity?

I was just reflecting on the days when I was really getting into the craft aspect of photography, and I was genuinely enthusia

Simple compositions, magical light, and rich colors.

I’m currently working on shooting new things; specifically, shooting interesting building details around DTLA. I wasn

Songs are places.

I was just listening to the Tori Amos’ London Girls, which I’ve been attached to from the first time I heard it. I

On emotions.

Managing our emotions is a survival skill.

Sketch images

I was just reading something by David duChemin where he referred to the concept of ‘sketch images’, which I’

Fantasy Portrait Work

I like the overall sensibility of this one. At the moment, it makes me think of creating a custom city backdrop using differen

Urban Fantasy Portrait Backdrops

This is a selection of some pieces where I really dig the urban environments in the backgrounds. My objective is to find photo

Where Things Are

First, I’m officially on an indefinite hiatus from shooting portraits. I’m getting back to photography basics, foc

Light, Color, and a Sense of Place

I’m planning to go out tomorrow night (Saturday October 30, the night before Halloween) to shoot the marquee signs on Br

The selection process.

So I’m going through my current photo selections for the fashion editorial portfolio. As I’m working to narrow the

Fashion Portfolio

Spending this Saturday morning reviewing my current fashion portfolio selections with an editorial eye. These are my observati

Modus Operandi – Locations

This morning (it’s Labor Day) I’m updating my locations gallery and changing up my MO a bit. Decided to abandon th

Fantasy Meets Street

I recently realized I was really missing the magical visual elements of my fantasy portrait work, so now I’m experimenting w

Portrait Diptychs

Inspo from Brian Ziff, currently a favorite photographer of mine. Putting these two side-by-side turned on a light bulb; I can

Selections and moodboards

Made some good progress on the selections for the book this weekend. Doing this book, thinking about the finality of the decis

Downtown Photo Walk

Did a quick photo walk around the neighborhood tonight, which I haven’t done for a while.

Making Selections

For me, the editorial selection process is probably the most challenging part of photography. I currently have around 65 photo

Work Blog

In an effort to bring some accountability into my creative life, I thought I’d start a work blog. My plan is to put down