Fantasy Portrait Work

I like the overall sensibility of this one. At the moment, it makes me think of creating a custom city backdrop using different pieces of building and creating a custom backdrop for a portrait like this. Definitely something I want to experiment with.

This one is a solid example of what I consider to be a conventional fantasy portrait. I’d love to create a few simple and beautiful pieces like this.

Another that’s been a favorite for a long time. The low-key lighting, the subtle backdrop texture, the elegant magical effects. Dig it.

I dig the simple colorscheme and I really like the full-framed cityscape behind the subject. Definitely an experiment I want to explore.

I definitely want to experiment with this kind of work, taking a plain backdrop shot and turning it into a moody image.

This one’s been a favorite in my moodboard for years. I like the subtle textures that give just enough of a feel of the environment to give it sense of place. Her pose feels natural, and the magic visual effects are subtle. I also love the splashes of color.