Fashion Editorials

This morning I realized how much I really want to have access to a lot of subjects to shoot. After I decided to stop doing paid shoots for a while and focus on collab shoots (which stems from when I recently decided to pursue getting paid to shoot), I’m having a hard time finding subjects to shoot. Of course, I knew it would be a challenge, but it’s just SO FREAKIN’ ANNOYING. So my brain served up fashion photography as something to reconsider. I’ve had one or two agencies ask me to do test shoots for them in the past, and I feel pretty confident that I could get into doing that. It seems like a great way to open the floodgates of access to all the models that are in and around DTLA.

There are other reasons I sometimes gravitate toward fashion editorial work. One aspect is the professional angle; it’s an established industry, and throwing my hat into it has a scale and gravitas that I crave. Another aspect is creative community, which is a big one for me right now. I’m feeling pretty isolated, and I really crave connections with other artists. But I’m a picky asshole when it comes to who I create with and hang out with. I don’t want to muck about in the whole hobbyist photography/modeling strata, its mostly wannabes and egos. Now, I have no illusions about the fashion world, I know it’s all bullshit and egos there too. But, I’m thinking I can navigate that, since I can still be selective about who I work with.

At the moment, I feel the biggest challenge in jumping into the professional editorial photography world is style development. I have a strong sense that having an comprehensive style is a critical element of success in this industry. Here are my current ideas to get things started:

  • Find brands and publications I want to shoot for. If I’m going to shoot for the fashion industry, I’m going to shoot for the brands and the publications that I like, that I want to work for.
  • Develop a fashion editorial inspiration moodboard. Curate a gallery of photography that reflects the style and caliber of work I aspire to.
  • Develop a fashion editorial portfolio. Find every image you’ve shot that fits into the style and sensibility I want to create with my editorial work.
  • Overhaul my IG to be fashion-centric. This is important to have in place before I begin approaching agencies.