Night Portraits


What do I love about these shots, what do I want to create? Before jumping into this list of ideas, I think it would be a very good practice/exercise to make an entire shoot out of these concepts. Make the particular idea the prime directive of a shoot, focusing only on creating those particular kind of shots. This keeps the shoot simple (instead of trying to manage doing like three different kinds of shot concepts) and also, most importantly, allows me to fully immerse in the concept and explore it thoroughly.

One kind of shot I love is a storytelling capture. To me, that means an image that feels like it’s capturing a moment during a story, it feels like something is going on. There’s a voyeuristic quality, kind of like a screen still from a film as well. Sometimes these shots are more cinematic, and sometimes they’re more candid.

Think of every shot as a potential print you’d put in your home or sell or have in a gallery show


Mirrored doorway setup – bring a light and spend some time shooting in this space

Street portraits with lighting – bring the light, find great backdrops that don’t have available light in the foreground and use your own

Experiment with colored lighting

Experiment with small mounted consistent light on the camera


  • alleyways with decorative lights hung between buildings