this is my active list of shoot ideas I want to work on next.

Rooftop Sessions.


Experiment with candid-style portrait work.


Experiment with art portrait work with a water theme.

Other concepts:

  • Create graphic design treatment on select photos (album covers, etc.)
  • Bathtub self-portraits
  • A photobook that is a visual companion to a playlist/album
  • Cafe portrait session – at tables, through windows, etc
  • Portrait/cityscape composites. Combine portraits with cityscapes into a composite image.
  • Short films. Just take your concepts for stills and shoot them in video as well. Play with movement and editing. Use playlist tracks as soundtracks.
  • Autofocus control practice. Explore the autofocus settings and figure out how to control what the autofocus focuses on.
  • City light abstracts – creative focus and blurs for abstract photographs.
  • Focal range. Explore shooting the same shot with different focal lengths and compare the results.
  • Location scouting – explore the other side of Santee, in the fashion district.
  • SHOT IDEA – triptych portrait, same basic composition for three shots that will be composed into one portrait; splits between frames are composed so subject has hands up in top, then near waist in middle, then by legs in bottom. Should have a Shiva look.
  • 4×4 block where subject interacts with themselves between the frames, one guiding the eye into the next, in a complete circuit.


concepts I like in general but not into working on right now.

  • Erotic VS Nude. One shot showing a fully-dressed model in an erotic pose, second shot fine art nude in a classic pose.