Risqué Portrait Business

So I’ve been thinking through my options for making some extra money to meet some of our financial goals. I’ve considered doing some boudoir portrait sessions on the side, and I think it’s the right time to jump into it.

I’ve always done shoots where either I’m paying the model or we’re doing a collab/trade situation, so having someone pay me to shoot them is an unfamiliar experience. I did do a stint as a content shooter for a fetish model back in the day (early 2010s) and I’ve had a few people ask about my rates, but I’ve never pursued it as a thing. So, this will be a new angle for me on this whole portrait photography thing!

Step one will be curating a new portfolio gallery of my work in this vein, which I have a LOT of. Once that’s ready to show off, I’ll just start promoting it on my IG and see where it goes from there!