Selections and moodboards

Made some good progress on the selections for the book this weekend. Doing this book, thinking about the finality of the decisions I make and how much the selections truly resonate with me, is both satisfying and challenging.

Now I’m going through the main moodboard and refining those selections the same way. I’m also going through ALL the relevant moodboards, and then I’m going to spend some time looking through the work of some of my favorite photographers. My aim is to pick the ones that really hit the spot and do some analysis, to understand what elements of those images resonate.

As I’m going through the other moodboards I’m rediscovering images that have consistently resonated with me. Many of them are not specifically street portraits, but I want to find a way to incorporate them, because that intuitive resonance is the key. If an image engages me, then there’s magic in it and that’s what this is all about. Magic.

So, considering that, I’ve realized that all the key inspo pieces need to be in the book moodboard, and that’s what I’m doing now.