Street Magic Sessions

These are essentially experimental shoots where I’m working to blend street portrait style with fantasy themes and magical, mystical vibes. Here’s a gallery of the images I’ve created so far.


Right now, my ideas for wardrobe are pretty simple silhouettes. Check out the gallery below to see what I’m thinking in terms of wardrobe looks (I have a few of these pieces in my own shoot wardrobe). However, I’m open to your ideas and suggestions, and if you have something you think fits the general theme, I’d love see it!

Hair and makeup looks will vary. Some of the characters will have natural makeup, and some will have dramatic looks. If I need something special I’ll bring in a MUA.


I do both paid and trade shoots. If I pay you to model for this project, I keep all of the content produced at the shoot. I will provide you with 3–5 of your favorite shots to use for your portfolio and any promotional purposes (social media, selling prints, etc.). If we do a trade shoot, you’ll get copies of all the edited content from the shoot (I do not provide raw images and footage under any circumstances). We can both use all of the content however we like.

If you’re interested in doing a shoot, click the button below and get in touch!
Please provide links to your Instagram or portfolio.