Beautiful Strangers

This is one of my long-standing and recurring book project ideas. At the moment, I’m thinking about narrowing it down to shooting street photography style, where I approach people on the street who I want to shoot portraits of, and the photos in this book are the result. It’s not a new idea, but I like it, and I don’t care about being uniqe, just authentic. And besides, ‘unique’ is all in how you do it, not what you do.

It seems like the key to doing this is putting yourself in the right frame of mind. Keep your radar up for people who seem like they would like to be photographed, people who have the right energy. This is more like a model search than it is street photography; basically, I’m just searching for people who have a look and presence that resonate with me and who I feel compelled to photograph.

Nightlife shoots. If you want to find people who are keen to be photographed, you can’t do much better than people who are stepping out for the evening. Find the bars, clubs and other nightlife spots downtown and hunt for some compelling subjects there.