Shooting Strangers, Day 1

So I decided to go out during lunch and take a shot at doing some portraits of strangers on the street today. First, I did some test shots from our rooftop, because I REALLY want to shoot portraits up there soon. I spent the rest of lunchtime walking around the area with an eye for potential subjects.

I spotted several people who looked interesting (not difficult to do in the Fashion District), but there was always a reason I came up with not to approach them. One looked like she was running errands and it just seemed awkward to approach someone while they’re in the middle of getting shit done. Two women came out of a building in front of me and caught my eye, but as I got closer they seemed thick in conversation and it seemed rude to interrupt them. As I was waiting at a crosswalk I spotted a cool-looking couple on the other side, but as we started to cross I realized there was a third person with them and it threw me off.

As I was headed back home, I was processing all this and concluded that I need to change my headspace before I got out next time. Here’s the story – I’m a damn good portrait photographer, and people should be flattered that I’m approaching them, because it means they’ve met my standard of quality. It’s about confidence and smashing self-consciousness. It’s not arrogant, it’s just a good pep talk.

Although today’s experience might seem like a failure in this endeavor (and it was… for today), at least I feel like I’ve got the ball rolling a bit. Maybe more like pushing against it until I’m out of breath just to nudge it a bit, actually. Ah well. It’s something.