Street Portraits

So, the last few times I’ve been knocking around downtown with the camera, I’ve been secretly shooting portraits of people, along with my regular hunt for interesting compositions and magical lighting. I’ve captured a few good ones. It’s like practice for shooting candid and editorial street portraits. If I don’t get the person’s consent, I don’t publish or post them anywhere, I just keep them in my personal portfolio on my local system.

Anyway, now I’m compelled to create a new portfolio called Street Portraits, for all the great portraits I’ve created out on the streets of LA. These really are my favorite kind of photos to create, because they combine several things I love about photography. I want have a dedicated gallery for them for a couple of reasons; I want to try connecting with people on the street for portraits, and I want to look at all my favorite street portraits and imagine them in the context of the Fantasy Portrait project.