About the Artist

Hello there! I’m Jim. I’m a professional visual creative, working as a senior graphic designer by day and pursuing my passion for photography the rest of the time. I live and work in downtown Los Angeles, in the fashion district. I’ve been shooting regularly since 2010. I love creating photographs of people and places and people in places. My creative passion is shooting art and editorial portraits blended with street and cityscape photography, with moods and vibes that are dramatic, magical, and provocative.

Although I first picked up a camera in the early ’90s as an aspiring photojournalist, it wasn’t until 2010, when I started shooting models while working for Lip Service, that I realized how much I love creating portraits. Since then, I’ve shot everything from editorial portraits to art nudes to street photography.

I’m available for personal and professional portrait sessions as well as collaborations with other artists. If you’re interested in arranging a shoot, use the contact form below to get in touch!

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