Portrait Notes

CANDID CANDID CANDID! I’m really feeling like candid-style shots are my thing, I love a photo that feels like capturing a moment. I need to develop some in-shoot strategies for capturing candid shots.


This is a major element for me. I’m beginning to realize how they add visual dimension to a portrait, and offer a complex of creative options. Below is a list of props I’d like to start using.

  • disco ball
  • sheer bolts of cloth and interesting fabrics, scarves
  • masks of all sorts
  • mannequins
  • flowers
  • various viscous liquids




  • Record store
  • Bar
  • Photo booth
  • Union Station
  • Neighborhood metro station
  • Cafe – shots with subject inside, shots through window from outside with subject inside
  • Subject behind a window
  • Poles, lamp posts, sign posts etc.
  • Graffiti art walls
  • Classic cars