Street Portraits | The new season

I recently finished final selections on the True session (back in January ’23). I ordered a set of digital prints of the selections which I’ll get in about a week. In the meantime, I’m going through the set to choose which ones will go into the street portraits portfolio. As part of the process I’m looking through my current inspo images and determining what kind of shoot I want to do next.

I’m quite happy with many of the shots of True I captured. Something is missing from my street portraits though. The candid/voyeur/cinema still thing is what I want to work on developing for my next portrait sessions, I think. Another element I want to introduce is dramatic poses (like, theatrically dramatic), creative facial expressions, and using props. I keep coming back to the concept of ‘environmental portraits’, which to me means portraits in a place, basically, where the environment is a key element in the photo. The thing to consider is, how does the subject relate to the environment? They might be a natural part of a scene you’re capturing, or they might be an absurd contrast with where they are, like a nude woman in the middle of the street.