MOOD – Jessie

Various – 2019

Cafe Portraits


Street Portraits

Bring on the Night

The beginnings of a photo series / short film project I’ve been playing with. This has been a favorite song of mine sinc

Self Portraits I

An ongoing archive of my self-portrait work. Some of my favorite self-portrait artists: Selina Mayer Bloodworth Wolfson

Faces I

Faces II







Portrait Session with Chloë

Street Portraits with Lilliana

Various Work 2018

Hollywood Photo Walks 2018

Urban Photography 2018

Succubus Portraits with Sophia

Dark Magic Self Portraits

Night Portraits – Self

Downtown LA

Street Portraits with Nicole

Hollywood Summer 2018

Street Portraits with Lilliana

Portrait Session with Nicole

Night Portraits with Sophia

Magical Portaits with Moriah

On the Boulevard with Marilyn

Downtown LA

Belle, Book & Candle

Night Portraits with Breana

Hollywood Photo Walks 2017

Sorcerer Portraits

Night Landscapes & Self-Portraits

Architecture 2012–2016

Urban Landscapes 2012–2016

Street Photography 2012–2016

Outdoor 2012–2016

Portrait Session with Chloë

Risqué 2014-15

Fashion Portraits with Indigo

Nude Portraits with Indigo

Portrait Session with Sylvia

Noir Nudes with Alexis

Dangerous Heels

Boudoir Portraits with Valentina

Lipstick Love

Noir Portraits with Indigo

Nude Portraits with Ashley

Girlfriend Experience with Ela

Studio Nudes with Crash

Rooftop Smoke Break

Zombie Love

Music video for Cold Blue Rebels’ Zombie Love. Shot and edited by me, produced by Mickey Finn.

Vintage Boudoir

Sunlit Boudoir Striptease

Cold, Blue, and Beautiful

Music video for Cold Blue Rebels’ Cold, Blue and Beautiful. Shot and edited by me, produced by Mickey Finn.


Portrait Session with Sarah

My first shoot with a real model.

The Toledo Show