Street Magic

Fantasy-themed portrait photography blended with an editorial-style street portrait sensibility.


Fantasy and horror portraits

Various Work 2021

Random photographs I've captured so far this year.

Night Portraits with Karma

Ricoh XR-P Film Roll #1


Certain Frequencies

Street Portraits

Urban Landscapes

Urban Streets

Shot in Hollywood and downtown Los Angeles 2009 – present.

Various Work 2020

Urban Life

Urban Abstracts

Film Photography

My experiments with shooting film.



Boudoir with a little more. Rather NSFW.

Graphic Design


Shots of the downtown view from our 10th floor safehouse.

Toy Holga Roll #2

Street Portraits with Helen

Motel Portraits with Veeta Brujita

Motel Portraits – Debbie

Various Work 2019

Toy Holga Roll #1

Bring on the Night

The beginnings of a photo series / short film project I've been playing with.

Portrait Session with Karma

Model: Karma McCain

Self Portraits

2012 – present day.

Motel Portraits with Nicole

Model: Nicole Guibord

Portrait Session with Chloë

Street Portraits with Lillianna – January 2019

Various Work 2018

Hollywood Photo Walks 2018

Urban Photography 2018

Dark Magic Self Portraits

Downtown LA

Street Portraits with Nicole

Hollywood Summer 2018

Portrait Sessions with Nicole – Summer 2018

Street Portraits with Lilliana

Magical Portraits with Moriah

On the Boulevard with Marilyn

Downtown LA – March 2018

Night Portraits with Breana

Hollywood Photo Walks 2017

Night Landscapes & Self-Portraits

Architecture 2012–2016

Urban Landscapes 2012–2016

Street Photography 2010–2016

Portrait Session with Chloë

Girlfriend Experience with Ela

Zombie Love

Music video for Cold Blue Rebels’ Zombie Love. Shot and edited by me, produced by Mickey Finn.

Cold, Blue, and Beautiful

Music video for Cold Blue Rebels’ Cold, Blue and Beautiful. Shot and edited by me, produced by Mickey Finn.

The Toledo Show

Lip Service

Content I created for this iconic Los Angeles label. These videos were my first foray into shooting and editing.