Personal angle.

Taking a look at my street photography work today while I ask myself, what’s my personal connection to this work?

These seven photos really stand out to me as some of my very favorite street shots. As I’ve commented before about these specific shots, there’s something about the way there seems to be some kind of symmetry in the chaos of a random street capture here. When I compare these to other reflection shots I’ve made that just don’t quite hit the spot, I think one of the differences is a distinct subject. These photos have a subject. I also feel there’s a balance to the various elements in each photos that just pleases my eye, just the overall aesthetic has an order to it I find satisfying.

It makes me think about the concept of creating order out of chaos that Sean Tucker talks about in his book (which I’m currently reading). Maybe there doesn’t need to be anything more personal to it than that; I get satisfaction out of finding those compositions out in the city, looking for the reflections and then creating compositions from them that I find pleasing.

I do have a particular interest in pursuing these reflection shots and find more compositions that really hit the mark, and I plan to make it a regular project.