STREET PORTRAITS portfolio update

Same day and time as my last post about art nudes. I just opened up my STREET PORTRAITS portfolio and realizing how much more editorial work it needs, in terms of selections and organization. It’s too all-over-the-place at the moment. I’m remembering my last sessions working on this book, particularly how I was occupied with how much sexy I wanted to include in this book versus the spicier books like street nudes and spicy portraits.

Another thought – should I call these URBAN PORTRAITS instead of STREET PORTRAITS? Not sure. I don’t want people to mistake me for a ‘street photographer’ only because the implication of documentary style versus intentional portrait work.

On a wider scale, I’m feeling the need to clarify for myself, what am I trying to create/capture with this particular kind of work?

It’s Sunday morning, and I’ve refined the street portraits book to a place where I’m pretty happy with it for the moment. Now I’m going through the street nudes book and asking myself, what makes one portrait a good choice for the nudes books but not for the portraits book? Frankly, I think ‘gratuitous nudity’ is the most accurate distinction I can think of for the moment. [EDIT 3/22/23] > Actually, gratuitous isn’t the right word. It’s more like intentionally provocative I think.

Right now, my primary motivation for keeping these as two separate books is simply quantity. I just broke up my big 150+ image book of street photography into four smaller books for the same reason. I just feel intuitively that once a collection of images passes 50 it starts to become too many images to take in during one review, from a viewer’s perspective.